Sausage Making Isn't Pretty...

June 18, 2019

I am surprised that I have had numerous people ask me to teach fact every time I have been asked I immediately start laughing...this probably doesn't reflect well on me!


For those who don't know me, I love to laugh, I enjoy dry wit as I learned it from my father, I am often very matter of fact about what I think, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and I believe humor is a wonderful lens to use in most areas of life and I am very fond of self deprecating humor!

I also have been teaching "something" most of my life. VBS, Sunday School, children's choir and then about 10 years concentrated in the 4th grade when I graduated with my Master's in Education.

Okay, so why does that question give me the giggles as I do know how to teach "some" things? I have had several thoughts about it.


     A. You must be sadly lacking in creativity and I provide a safe starting also think I wouldn't charge much which is a fallacy...I may be uncertain about teaching but I would not be uncertain about charging!

      B. You have blind confidence in someone that has only been painting professionally for   

2 1/2 years and you think I won't charge much which is a fallacy...I may be uncertain about teaching but I would not be uncertain about charging!

     C. Hello, have you noticed that my personality flies by the seat of my pants? There is a good chance I won't be showing you how to line up your colors on a palette! I will still charge you...I may be uncertain about teaching but I would not be uncertain about charging!

     D. And here is the serious answer...I am terrified to even attempt that.


Sausage making is not pretty...I have SEEN it on the Food Channel and I can tell you right now, I don't plan on making it anytime soon. The thought of anyone looking at my supplies, my technique, my style which may or may not be yet established, whether I will stay on point gives me the willies.


I have been asked to teach adults, senior adults, children and this point they all frighten me for different reasons none of which are good.

When I paint, at this point in time, I do mix colors...sometimes on my palette and sometimes on the canvas, etc. Even though there are an almost uncountable array of premixed colors from wonderful companies like Golden, etc. it is certainly really cool to mix your own...but I don't always mix them the same way every time.


I don't always have a plan and even when I do, it changes. Well the answer to this is pretty simple...the classes I have seen have time constraints and many provide lunch...BUT my husband doesn't want me providing supper and breakfast as well.


Sketching out the drawing...well...I would probably have an emotional breakdown if I have to do this in front of you...I can just see myself from the back...twitching, getting antsy, that sweating! I know how often I change up...which means my canvas will be black with charcoal smudges and again I would not have provided for supper.


I also find silence (when with other people not by myself!) deafening... I might not should talk when I am sketching because I would need to concentrate but as I said I find silence hard to allow to be silent so I would start telling story leads to another and once again...a lot of smudged charcoal, no paint and let's break for lunch!


And who can remember those colors I have mixed so that I can repeat them except for one of my very favorite artists who share remain nameless!


Okay...I do speak in jest up to this point but there is still some truth...

So let me ask YOU a question!


Think about your journey teaching and how far you have come! Has it been amazing? Do you have a story about any blocks or walls you have broken through, successes that have shocked but pleased you greatly?


I'd love to hear your story! If you want to share tell it and I will repost to share with others on my instagram account who have thought about teaching. It would be fun to be a part of helping others gain confidence to go out and share their creativity through teaching!


Let me know by DM to my email:






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